Ramadan Ride

Ramadan Ride
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I got out for a morning ride yesterday, all the more surprising as I didn't get to bed until about three am. Since it's Ramadan, I'm not able to have my usual scrambled eggs & hash browns (doused in green Tobasco sauce). It was nice to get out. I took turns and roads I hadn't taken before, heading first south toward Shafa, then ending up completely turned around and getting back on the highway near Hada.

I had to pass through a police check point, the one there in Hada is inclined to stop me. The reason? I'm on a motorcycle and they don't know what to think of that. This time I followed close behind a water truck. The truck blocked their view since they weren't actually manning the checkpoint properly - it's Ramadan and no one does their job properly in acknowledgment of fasting. I was through the check point and I heard them honk their horn to get my attention, but as they were behind me and it wasn't a siren I just kept going.

The rest of the ride had more interesting finds, a herd of black goats blocking the road and some camels in the trees watching me. Nice stuff. The sand turned nearly red at one point and I thought I was in New Mexico. Good times.


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