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Nazgul Makes Some Friends

Nazgul Makes Some Friends
Originally uploaded by mercutio2k I had a big surprise today when I went out for my regular Friday morning ride - a pack of Harleys stopped at the gas station. I spotted a white Road King, and turned to see who it might be. Then I saw the eight other bikes. Riding over, I found a couple of long time Jeddah riders and a few newcomers all out for a morning ride. Up from Jeddah going all the way to Shafa.

I joined in the ride, assuming position fourth in line. Not really sure why, but once I took it I stayed with it for the day. It was my first experience formation riding. I had to learn hand singles and such as we went along.

Our first stop was a coffee shop that was either on the outskirts of Hada or Taif, I'm not sure which at that point. I ordered first and was served last as a result. That's what I get for ordering "froofy" - an iced cappuccino. I sucked it down and got back on the road. We had police escort through town, which made life easie…

Leader of the Pack?

Leader of the Pack?
Originally uploaded by mercutio2k I was prompted by a conversation at work to start really hunting for Oldies to add to my music collection. I knew there were a bunch I liked, I just couldn't think what they were. I should note, for me "Oldies" refers to hits from the 50's and 60's. Things like Jay and the Americans "Come a Little Bit Closer" and the Supremes (five back to back number ones and kept pace with the Beetles for several years, both in popularity and finances) and Franki Valli, I mean, he sang some good stuff. I think. Didn't he?

Well, I hunted down a few things. "Blue Moon" was already in my music collection, had to do some looking to find the proper title to "Rhythm of the Rain". You know that, "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, tellin' me just what a fool I've been..." That one.

A few things I know I found the "wrong" versions of, or different versions. The ones th…

My Trip to Europe

Dom of Maastricht, a museum inside
Originally uploaded by Ashley_2k8 I haven't talked about why I went to Europe. But, since I put a hint on facebook, I thought I'd say something here. I went to Europe to meet a girl. Her's name is Ash and what can I tell you, she's the most wonderful girl in the world. This picture links to her photostream on Flickr, so if you're curious you can learn more about her from there. For now, that's all I'm sharing with you. What to say other than it was a good trip to Europe and we plan to meet again this summer?

A Good Day

The moon is just a gentle sliver that I can see over the tips of the trees at sunset. There is a gentle breeze and on it I hear the call to prayer from the compound just across the wall - the Saudi side of the compound. As I get closer to the house I pick up an escort of felines, one, then two as Shisha comes to greet me, giving up her hiding spot in the corn to surprise me. In all, I can't help but think it is a good day.

Work was the usual business, though I did actually get in a the classroom. I wasn't scheduled for regular class times this term, as it is the frontline teachers are not even doing ten hours a week. Still, the admin who does the scheduling was perhaps over enthusiastic to think that our project would actually be full tilt. I've been here a year, I've yet to see anything go full tilt except uncoordinated scheduling and other academic disasters. The only thing that gives us grace is doing it the way they tell us to, then not only do we have an out, but n…

Final Stages of Internet Addiction

I realized today I am in the final, terminal, stages of internet addiction. I willing visited a "lolcat" site. Worse, I went through several pages, laughing at such things as "I can haz cheezburger?" Lolcat sites are the conflux of a variety of the dark aspect of the web - cute pictures, typos, and obscure in jokes. Witness:

This may seem a harmless, even humorous joke. But a giggle here will only draw you into more. You will browse a few more until you find something like this:

What could be more humorous? But from here, you quickly begin to descend to the dark side. You may find a sudden urge to send an e-mail to a friend with a link to the picture. Don't do it!

You may think you are safe if you laugh at one like this:

After all, it's a lizard, not a cat. Sadly, it is an in joke. And that leads to more perilous lolcats yet. Behold!

If you understood this joke, you do not have to have laughed at it, if you understood it, you are likely in the terminal stages of…