Identity and Self or "OMG!!! You shaved your head!"

Spending a lot of time on your own gives you time to reflect. On yourself, on life, on what you are doing. It also gives you time to indulge things you might not otherwise, fearing the reaction of family and friends. For a long time now, I've been wondering what I would look like bald. The hair at the back of my head has been thinning out in an annoying fashion. I recall it starting that way on my older brother when I was in my twenties. I told myself if my hair went the same way, I would shave my head. The result, well, you can see and decide for yourself. Surprisingly, I'm pretty happy with the look. If my beard wasn't coming in with so much grey already, I'd consider getting it shaved every week. As it is, I'm letting it grow back out.

Just won't have to worry about getting it trimmed for a while.


Shaari said…
You look SO tough. Leather jacket, plus beard, plus shaved head... tough. Awesome, brother!

- Shaari
Cat said…
I like the look, and I agree with Shaari, you look intelligently scary. :)

Don't be afraid to go back to bald if you don't like the way your hair grows in. Now, if you're head gets too cold, then you might want to keep the hair. Grin.

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