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Ash got the apartment signed for. The attic level of a three story building in downtown Guimaraes. She's posted pictures of the area on Facebook and I'm delighted. Living in that type of apartment in that kind of location is really the reason to live in Europe. We can see historic buildings and churches right out our tiny windows, we can walk just a few blocks and have coffee in a medieval town square. I'm pretty excited to move there.

No news from the company yet when the layoff will actually happen. A month ago our president said, "This will happen as soon as possible." Now it's all, "Well, we're not sure.. It's dependent on... They're....". I suspected this might happen, indeed, it seemed the most likely path. I guess I put too much faith that our local leadership really had a handle on the situation.

Since they told me we were being laid off I made plans, so now if the lay off takes too long to come I'm going to have to resign. Ann…

The Measure

I had to make a slide show introducing myself for a class. It had to use less than 250 words and have five pictures.

I'm happy with the result. The MeasureView more presentations from kevin.haroun.

Got a Dream, Boy?

The upcoming move to Portugal, and exit from Saudi Arabia, dredged this song up to my conscious memory this morning. This always comes to mind as I start to plan transitioning from one country to another:

I know of no song with a better introduction. Right around 40 seconds as the Chorus bursts into that first "Got a dream, boy? Got a song?" my heart always starts to soar upward. No other music has quiet the same effect on raising my spirits.

I'm reconsidering whether or not to ship the bike to Porto. I found the website for Milwaukee Motors in Oporto. They are licensed to service Harleys. I'm thinking having the bike in Europe for the next four years is a lot better than having it in storage, even if I do have to pay some fees. If I could just figure out what they are and if I'm really willing to pay them.

Ash has been digging up research, and found what could be a great doctorate program for me in Braga. I need to follow up with a letter to them, and to some oth…

Oporto Riverside

Portugal river side Oporto
Originally uploaded by ipomoea310 A lazy Friday morning. I'm down in Jeddah waiting for the other English teachers to wake up and get ready to go back to Taif. I took a three day weekend and that helped keep things relaxed. First evening here was full of errands and to do.

Expecting things to wrap up here around April first. Looking forward to some time back in Colorado then heading out to Porto.

Bad Moon Rising?

Saturday morning as I left for work I saw one of the most beautiful moon's ever. The full moon was framed, almost supported by, a tree on either side at the end of my block. In the darkness you could see the red shine of mars just slightly higher than the moon. An absolutely beautiful omen that I thought nothing of other than, "Wow. Won't see a view like that ever again."

Little did I expect what it meant.

The work day rolled along, prepping students for the final exam the following day. They were excited. The ones inclined to work payed attention. Others, not so much.

Around noon our supervisor goes around telling us there is a mandatory meeting for work at 3:00. We all are mildly annoyed, but don't think it will be about anything interesting. Maybe something about Config 3 or some other missile system contract. Annoying to lose part of the afternoon, but no biggie.

Three rolls around and I stroll out the door in my camo pants and sandals. I meet up with Jeff, in hi…