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Questions About Life in Saudi?

I'm taking a course on making various media - video, podcasts and so on. For my final project I'm doing a podcast about life in Saudi Arabia. How to get a job here, what conditions are like, what to expect and so on.

I'd like have a segment that directly addresses questions. Better would be if I had recordings of the questions, so the podcast isn't just me talking away. I'm asking you, yes you, to record a question as an MP3 and send it to me.

If you own a laptop computer, you have the means to record yourself. Likely if you dig around, you already have the software to do so as well. If you don't have any software, or don't like what you have, you can download Audacity and get recording. We've been using this to make tests for the past year at my school.

Audacity can be downloaded here:

Please play with it and send me something. It would help make my final project really stand out.