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Mid-Term and Holiday!

The mid-term is tomorrow. The students are excited and so am I. After the mid-term, I get two weeks off. Ash is still waiting on her visa from Portugal, so we will kick around Jeddah and Taif for the time. Who knows, her visa may even arrive and she'll be off before the holiday is done. If so, it is good there is is a separate terminal for Hajj travelers and regular travelers.

Hajj season is here, and that's the reason for the holiday. I have two weeks off, and can go back and forth to Jeddah if I like. Of course, the road to Jeddah will be crowded as it goes right by Makkah on the way. I had to do it once last year on my motorcycle, waiting nearly an hour and working through the stopped traffic to reach the turn off. I'm not looking forward to going to Jeddah in the coming weeks. Maybe if we leave early, early in the morning we will be okay.