Jacaranda Petals and White Picket Fence

My neighbors house is quiet lovely. It has a white picket fence and a jacaranda tree that just finished blooming. It's always interesting to me the ways people make the compound in to home. My own yard has banana trees and corn growing in it. Maybe not "home" to me, but my gardener is happy with it.

Not sure if the idea of xeriscaping will ever catch on here. A pity. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the falling petals.


Hey K-!

OK, do I call you that or Haroun? Let me know.

BTW, I really like the new haircut and goatee, but at the same time hardly recognized you! You appear to be doing a great job on the Clint Squint: very dangerous looking, indeed!

And, I just needed to add that the sight of you on your Harley, in front of a white picket fence? Very...bipolar! Domestic vs. wild.

Your photography has taken off, too!
Haroun said…
I doubt I'll use Haroun back in the States. I use it here with Saudi's as it makes them more comfortable.

The new look is pretty different, but I'm very comfortable with it. Feels much more "me" than any in the past couple years, that's for sure. Stripping away masks and all that.

Thanks for the kudos on the photography. I'm really pleased with some of it. The bike makes for an easy subject, and the landscape here makes great contrast.

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