Day Before I Travel

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I'm home getting things in order before I go. One more day and I'm on my way! To see Ash, visit Colorado and get married. I have the day off from work, they told us about this a couple weeks ago. Long after we had all bought tickets. If they had told us sooner, I could have taken another two days back home. Ah well, that's life here. As it is, I get two extra days off that I didn't expect. So, I'm grateful and will leave it at that.

Last weekend I managed to break my home computer while dusting it out. Not really sure how or why, but it became a chance to put it in a new, much lighter, case and get an upgrade to the power supply. Bringing home, I had various problems, only too discover the problems resulted from the graphics card not being plugged in. A long story short, I ended up reverting back to Windows XP. I reskinned it, and that simple feature makes me like it as much as Vista. Go figure.

So, today I'm reinstalling and reconfiguring while waiting for the clock to tick down, that and watching "Serenity" once again. A movie I like much better now than when I first saw it. A shame it didn't have enough rave to get a couple more movies out of it.

Only another day and I'm on my way!


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