Motorcycle and Mosque

Motorcycle and Mosque
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Friday morning was good. Slept late, read a book, then went for a ride. I skipped going to Hada to watch the baboons and went straight to Shafa instead, well, not straight. I took a side road that cuts through a small town and then a national park. The town was interesting because it has a couple of older, ruined buildings in it.

Wandering through the first was interesting. A series of one story buildings. A sheep skull and a pool ball were among the interesting finds. I pocketed the pool ball, and took pictures of the skull. The second building was two story and on hard rock. Clearly it had been a fort in times past. Now it's a broken down ruin. The was a dead dog in front of the doorway, maybe two days past. Maybe more. I didn't get too close, but worked around the outside for a few shots. Fewer good shots to take there, either because I was tired of shooting or I couldn't get to places for a good angle.

After the photos, more time on the road. Had to skirt a sheep herd and then later stop and wait for camels to clear the road.


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