I was able to find people at University of Coimbra today using facebook. From one of the people I wrote there, I know have the e-mail for a professor in the EdPsy program at UC. Now I need to write the letter!

I've been distracted today by the topic of my graduation portfolio. I have just enough time to put something together, having waited too long to start assembling the pieces. A past instructor, Dave Young, was able to find some work that I had done but had lost my copies during the too numerous computer migrations I had in '08 and '09. Thank you Dave!

One more day until the weekend here, and then I hope to get bulk of the work on the portfolio done. Mostly it involves looking at what I've done and assigning it to categories.

Of course, there is no news on the impending lay-off with Raytheon. Inshallah there will be something definitive soon. Two months now and it just wears on the back of my mind. A level of weariness to everything I do.

On a side note - I talked, very briefly, with a colleague about doing a personal oral history. He was a combat medic in Vietnam. It's been a real privilege working with him. I hope we can do a couple sessions before I go. Hopefully I can teach him enough to keep going with a podcast or something of his own going forward.

One other item was realizing I could apply for Fulbright grants. (Thank you Ash for the link on English programs! :* ) Sadly, I've missed the current round of the application process. I might call the person in charge of the application process. Who knows? They might not have enough people applying for the Portugal grants.


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