Edging Closer

Ash got back in Saudi two days ago, at 2am - which is typical of flights into Saudi. I picked her up at the airport and we crashed at the house in Jeddah. One of the nice perks I have is a place in Jeddah when I need it. It's a nice perk, and I should use it more often. And I would, but I don't have much use for being in Jeddah.

Once we woke up we spent the day running around down there. I tried to get some things done for Raytheon, but the critical one was still waiting for a higher up to approve it, so that part was a waste. We went to the Danube for luxury food items, made pasta sauces and such, then went to dinner at an Indian restaurant. Feeling stuff, we took a slow drive back to Taif while listening to a podcast about Tolkien.

Yesterday, which I had taken off, we spent loafing around the house. Sometime in the afternoon I figured I should turn my phone back on. It had run out of juice the day before. I get the usual "welcome back" text messages, and another from a coworker saying we have official word that the big contract was signed, which means the contract that will involve me getting laid-off will be signed. I was pretty excited about this, as the waiting for the shoe to drop has become very, very wearing.

Getting to work today I find out that it's not official word, but word that is being passed around by the Jeddah crew. So, maybe it's true, but it's not official. More waiting. Very aggravating. I really want to get news when I'll be getting out of here!


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