Time Threw a Prayer to Me

Early evening, a little past seven. Ash has gone out on errands and I'll likely get to bed early tonight. I got my exercise in today - 3km of rowing and two rounds of walking around the compound. I walked with two of my co-workers, who set a pretty good pace. I'll need to wear real shoes next time.

Dinner was grilled cheese sandwich and a salad followed by a bowl of cereal. Trying to get my eating onto a reasonable schedule and reasonable amount. Not making a good go of it yet, but I am eating regular breakfasts at the mess hall, and that's been good. I'm sure it's bad for me, eggs and beef bacon, but what the level. The coffee isn't bad at least.

This morning's music was nothing special. Can't even recall now what I played. But right now I'm listening to Seal's "Love's Divine". When I first really heard this song I was living in Osaka. I was on lunch break from the senior high school I worked at. It had a lot of impact at the moment I heard it. I was in a troubled relationship, and it really helped get me clear that is was troubled, and what I needed to do was end it. Which was interesting as the song has nothing to do with that. But, the lyrics are pretty powerful, or are if you're in the space where you need to hear them.

I encourage this be listened to fairly loud on good headphones, no, not speakers, but good headphones. It makes all the difference. In fact, I'm going to get mine now.


I really like my MacBook Pro, but it has lousy speakers. Anyway, headphones now, so it's all OK.

Sadly, there is no good version on YouTube. The official video actually adds a lot to this song, showing different people dealing with pain, loss and redemption. Anyway, here's an all right version:

TV today is more Doctor Who and Star Trek. The Dr. Who is lead in to the final story arc with David Tenant and has to do with the Master, a long time version of the original series. I'm excited to finally watch it.


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