New Year's Day 2010

I'm doing the Flickr 365 this year. At least, starting it off this time. One self portrait a day for a year. Not easy to do, and people get pretty desperate for good ideas as time goes by. I plan to update FB with the day's photo as well. The kick off is pretty tame - an extreme close up. Edgy.

Ash has finally moved to Portugal for school. So this is a way of keeping in better contact. We chat on Skype and stuff each day, but being on my own always makes me write better. So I'll do more writing as well. Because it's daily, and about self, expect a fair amount of trivia.

And on trivia, I thought I'd share the first music I listened to today, and the first music to wake me up.

First song of the day: Beat It - The Unseen - a punk cover of Michael Jackson's classic. Courtesy the "Genius" setting.

First song to get my toes tapping and ready to dance: Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman Also courtesy of iTunes. Something I love about random play. It digs up stuff you forgot you liked. Sometimes stuff you didn't even know you liked.

Anyway, that's it. Been soaking in "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" this morning and reading Trek novels. I've always liked Trek, but never got into Trek novels as most any of them I picked up were trash. They have MUCH better writers these days, and are willing to tell stories they wouldn't do before. And do things like, gasp, develop character. Particularly of characters that aren't part of canon Trek.

Some links to these things:

Beat It - The Unseen
You really need this on good speakers with the volume cranked to appreciate the nuance.
What really surprised me is how well it transitions to Sarah Brightman. I suppose that says something about my sense of music.

Deliver Me - Sarah Brightman
I couldn't find the official video, as YouTube is glutted with the Live version, which is awful.

Star Trek - Vanguard Book 1 "Harbinger" David Mack


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