January Second Miscellany

Another short piece, just to keep writing. Today was a regular work day, a Saturday. I had to teach four classes, all review for the test happening tomorrow. I'm glad I did this, as I also recalled I need to make a new slide show for work. One praising the recently returned Prince and proclaiming how thankful we are he is alive and well. This will be for the TV monitors mounted in the hallways. These things have been the bane of my life - either the computer connected to them is on the fritz, or the computer works and I have to make sure something interesting is posted. The last two items I created or started to create were rejected. Shortly after that the computer's video card gave up the ghost, so I left it that way. That was tolerated for a time, but now it is back, and now I have to make another PowerPoint for it. At least I can put my masters classes to work.

Internet is on the blink today as well. My "good" connection refusing to connect to the MMO's I like to play. It is downloading iTunes for me. I'm just finishing season two of DS-9. My favorite characters are the Major, Odo, Quark and Gul Dukat. I had hoped to like Dax, and I do in that I like statuesque brunettes, but other than that the actress is rather flat. At least in this season she's learned when it is inappropriate to smile.

Today's music:

I can't recall what I played when I first woke up, but I had The Cranberries "Dreams" going when I hopped in the shower, and The Beatles "Magical Mystery Tour" as I walked out the door. The drive had an old mix cd that I've played to death, the memorable song of the drive being "Love Song for a Vampire" by Annie Lennox.

Today's movie:

I just finished watching a Star Trek episode. By Star Trek I mean Star Trek and not any of the derivatives. One of my favorite episodes "The Doomsday Machine". It is remastered, and the new SFX make it a real treat. The battle damaged Constellation and seeing the Enterprise actually swoop and evade. Of course, the acting is really what makes these.


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