I saved a bat the other day

When I came into to work the other day, there was a bat perched on the ceiling in the hall outside the teachers office. There wasn't much we could do, and since he seemed content and wasn't bothering anyone we left him alone. One of the teachers, a good natured fellow who's worked in Bangladesh and other places explained he hates bats. Odd thing to hate, I thought, but then we all have things we don't like. For me, it's driving on Saudi roads. Though he hated that too, so that may actually be pretty common.

We had a pretty big triumph at work last week. Our first lab is complete for the hardware side. Myself and another teacher ran the network cables under the floor. The teacher helping, who knew less about such things than I, was very upbeat and encouraging. He was an invaluable help in getting it done. The teacher himself is a really great asset to our program. Long term, if the company were to groom him correctly, he could just what's needed to keep things working smoothly.

The work week went quickly. Crawling on the floor, running cable, getting tools and running out to the computer souq for items we were missing. While we worked The Computer Sergeant came to see what we were doing. He was in our building teaching officers a class about MS Office. He was shocked that our company had us installing a network by the two guys and masking tape method. We tried to keep from him that we were pretty shocked about this too, but there wasn't much choice. Eventually he loaned us a line tester, so we could know all our crimping and cabling was good. Neither of us had done more than a few practice connections before doing the 31 computers in the lab.

I've been pretty stressed out about this. I had expected more than moral support from the main office. Mainly in the form of technicians that I know we have down there. Guys who know how to do this quickly, efficiently and correctly. In any event, it was not to be. This whole project has me reviewing what I'm doing with my time here and why. And really my whole work experience. It's very frustrating to have your entire efforts based on your weakest knowledge area. But, I am and there's not much for it.

Around the middle of the week, the bat was still around. When I came that morning, he was perched such that if I stood on a chair I could reach him. I got a garbage can and a piece of cardboard. In one motion I got him in the can. I took him outside on our terrace. An area that our previous RSADF supervisor had envisioned being turned into a giant computer lab. That's a project I don't seen happening, at least not while I am here. I uncovered the can and tipped it. The bat slid out onto the terrace wall. He blinked for a moment, then lit off into the morning light.

Unlike some people, I really like bats.


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