Resting Place

Resting Place
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After weeks of waiting, I finally had the bike back. The day I picked it up, was day two of a sandstorm sweeping the western Kingdom. My original plan had been to get the bike and head back to Taif. The weather kept me in Jeddah another night. I ended up going out with a friend from the Government Relations Office. A young man who likes to be helpful, and is anxious to share his thoughts about Islam. It also gives him a chance to practice his English. It was a nice evening, but long. I met another American who had been in Saudi for years and the director of one of the Dawa centers. The conversation was interesting, but one that I have to be somewhat guarded in as my interpretation of Islam is much more liberal than the usual here.

Anyway, this photo has received more views and more "Favorites" on Flickr than I would have expected. I like the the shot, but not that much. It's interesting to learn what people like in a photo.


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