Duckling Photographer

Duckling Photographer
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I don't get a chance for many insanely cute photographs, but this picture of a friends daughter qualifies. We'd spent the early afternoon trying to catch the last sunlight for photos around Taif.

Having met Mrs. Al Jauhara and her family has been a real God send. The compound in Taif has been very isolated. Now I have people to visit who know the area and are eager to share knowledge about their hometown. Also, having a friend who knows people and knows how to get things done is nice. Most import, is meeting someone who's active and engaged in life. Helping me to remember to be active and engaged in mine.

On that thought, I bought new shoes, breeches and chaps for riding. I was introduced to the owner of the local stables, through Mrs. Al Jauhara, and will start taking riding lessons in the next couple of weeks. Work is busy next week and after that I'm going on holiday for a week. But, by mid-March I hope to be in the saddle regularly.


Ooh! Riding lessons are a great idea! I hope you enjoy them.

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