Saturday Evening in Taif

As my courses are wrapping up I finally have time to turn to other matters. Or at least, I have no excuse for not turning my attention to other matters. I could have gone back and edited one of my projects, but I'm just not fired up enough to do it. Instead I exercised, light weights and some rowing, and spent an hour working on Arabic.

Chotu is awaiting departure from Jeddah to Porto. "Bokhara, insh'Allah." The delay is blamed on Saudia. I'm concerned about his routing, but I suppose once he is on a plane more than one hand off will have to happen. There is not much I can do but wait another day. The vet blames it on Saudia for not getting back with confirmation. Waiting seems to be what I do here.

I'm still waiting for news of my actual lay-off. It has taken so long that I have started making other plans. At this point, I expect to have to resign before they get their act together. Really, really annoying. Especially after spending four months of expecting it to happen "at any time".

Ash and I have plans for the summer. I received confirmation that I have a seat in the Rihla 2010 program in Andalusia, Spain. Part of the Deen Intensive program. Figure this will kick start my knowledge base about all things Islam from teachers that I feel comfortable learning from. That's a three week program in July. I'm really looking forward to it. Ash will come out to see the madrasa as well. If we like what they are doing we'll focus our zakat and other efforts on that location and community. I'm already thinking I'd like to go back in September for a two week Arabic language intensive.

August we plan to spend in the States. We will split time between Colorado and Alaska, with a majority of the time in Colorado. At around the mid-point we will road trip from Colorado to Alaska then fly back to Europe from Anchorage. I expect that will be an exhaustingly long trip. But that is far enough away that I can't really imagine it. Right now I am just waiting to here my cat is on his plane, and then that he is touched down safely, insh'Allah.


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