This is Islam ~ A presentation

For one of my current classes I have to make presentations. These presentations are supposed to be learning objects - they help the viewer learn something. For my last project I've decided to do something on Islam.

The theme is "This is Islam". The intended audience would be high school or freshman college students. The people using the presentation would be teachers who present it to help drive discussion.

The audio track for the presentation will be Adhan followed by Al Fatiha. The video portion needs to be slides and text. Using images of Muslims and quotes from the Koran and Hadith I want to make a presentation that would enable Western audiences with little exposure to Islam, or negative exposure from Western press, see Islam in a new light.

This is where I need help - I'm hitting the Koran and Hadith for appropriate quotes. Still, my knowledge is weak in this area. I'm open and grateful to suggestions or pointers.

Images - if you have images you are willing to share of you, your family, your friends just going about life as Muslims it would be great. If you share an image with me, it stays in your control. If you don't like the final presentation, and I have an image you gave me in there, I will take it out.

Smiling faces, heading to the park, playing football. Whatever images you think communicate what day to day life is like as a Muslim is what I'm looking for. If you have questions, send to my main e-mail address: kevin.haroun@gmail. com

Thanks for your help!


jannah said…
Salam Kevin,

Great project idea! I think the best presentation of Islam I've seen was done by ARamco world:

They also have a photo archive that's free to use if you sign up I think so you might be able to find some cool pictures!

Take care,

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