Ash got the apartment signed for. The attic level of a three story building in downtown Guimaraes. She's posted pictures of the area on Facebook and I'm delighted. Living in that type of apartment in that kind of location is really the reason to live in Europe. We can see historic buildings and churches right out our tiny windows, we can walk just a few blocks and have coffee in a medieval town square. I'm pretty excited to move there.

No news from the company yet when the layoff will actually happen. A month ago our president said, "This will happen as soon as possible." Now it's all, "Well, we're not sure.. It's dependent on... They're....". I suspected this might happen, indeed, it seemed the most likely path. I guess I put too much faith that our local leadership really had a handle on the situation.

Since they told me we were being laid off I made plans, so now if the lay off takes too long to come I'm going to have to resign. Annoying, but again not terribly surprising with how things go on around here.

School is going well so far. The first project for the class with four projects is done, though I've yet to see a grade. The new project has started and as of this morning I can see how it will go. With that vision I need to start writing up documents and worksheets for the next one. This should be fun, will be fun, if I can find the write tool to do the graphics. I have to make a comic book to explain the English military terms.

I took the cats to Jeddah this past weekend. I was just able to herd both of them into the new, roomier cat carriers and get down there before prayer. I was delayed first by Shisha not coming inside at her usual morning time, and when she did come it was with a bird in her mouth that she was trying to keep from other cats. Once I got her sorted, Chotu had seen enough of goings on to realize it was a good time to hide. I finally coaxed him out and into the box and off we went. Unfun time for them, both the ride and the vet. They had to give blood samples that will be sent off for testing. Then that comes back they should cleared to go to Europe.

Now, if I just knew when I'd be going!


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