Got a Dream, Boy?

The upcoming move to Portugal, and exit from Saudi Arabia, dredged this song up to my conscious memory this morning. This always comes to mind as I start to plan transitioning from one country to another:

I know of no song with a better introduction. Right around 40 seconds as the Chorus bursts into that first "Got a dream, boy? Got a song?" my heart always starts to soar upward. No other music has quiet the same effect on raising my spirits.

I'm reconsidering whether or not to ship the bike to Porto. I found the website for Milwaukee Motors in Oporto. They are licensed to service Harleys. I'm thinking having the bike in Europe for the next four years is a lot better than having it in storage, even if I do have to pay some fees. If I could just figure out what they are and if I'm really willing to pay them.

Ash has been digging up research, and found what could be a great doctorate program for me in Braga. I need to follow up with a letter to them, and to some other leads I've found for pursuing further academics in Portugal.

The other great traveling song from the same movie:


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