Leader of the Pack?

Leader of the Pack?
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I was prompted by a conversation at work to start really hunting for Oldies to add to my music collection. I knew there were a bunch I liked, I just couldn't think what they were. I should note, for me "Oldies" refers to hits from the 50's and 60's. Things like Jay and the Americans "Come a Little Bit Closer" and the Supremes (five back to back number ones and kept pace with the Beetles for several years, both in popularity and finances) and Franki Valli, I mean, he sang some good stuff. I think. Didn't he?

Well, I hunted down a few things. "Blue Moon" was already in my music collection, had to do some looking to find the proper title to "Rhythm of the Rain". You know that, "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, tellin' me just what a fool I've been..." That one.

A few things I know I found the "wrong" versions of, or different versions. The ones that play in my memory far better than on my computer (God, to have a real sound system again, but that's another story). "The Streets of Laredo" I've always liked, but the version by Marty Robbins was both exactly what I recalled and incredibly disappointing. If anyone knows a "master work" version, I'd love to know.

The other find, of course, was the Shangri Las (I love that name, someone should steal the name and bring them back, totally kick ass over those Nirvana losers) and "Leader of the Pack". The girls' vocals hold up well, but what's almost laughable is the sound effect of the motorcycle engine. I mean, come on, it sounds like scooter. I'm digging around today to see if Joan Jett has a version. (I can see all my Gen Y readers finally, "Oooh, Oldies. You mean Billy Idol and those guys?" Sigh.)

And, for what's it's worth, and as silly as it is, I find I'm putting Twisted Sister's cover of "Leader on the Pack" on the mix cd I'm making. Sometimes old things made new are still oldies, and goodies.

For those you don't know the music of the era well, I highly recommend "The Supremes". They hold up better than the Beetles by far.

All that said, any recommendations for oldies that are "must have's" please post them!


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