Final Stages of Internet Addiction

I realized today I am in the final, terminal, stages of internet addiction. I willing visited a "lolcat" site. Worse, I went through several pages, laughing at such things as "I can haz cheezburger?" Lolcat sites are the conflux of a variety of the dark aspect of the web - cute pictures, typos, and obscure in jokes. Witness:

humorous pictures

This may seem a harmless, even humorous joke. But a giggle here will only draw you into more. You will browse a few more until you find something like this:

Humorous Pictures

What could be more humorous? But from here, you quickly begin to descend to the dark side. You may find a sudden urge to send an e-mail to a friend with a link to the picture. Don't do it!

You may think you are safe if you laugh at one like this:

humorous pictures

After all, it's a lizard, not a cat. Sadly, it is an in joke. And that leads to more perilous lolcats yet. Behold!

humorous pictures

If you understood this joke, you do not have to have laughed at it, if you understood it, you are likely in the terminal stages of internet addiction. Seek help immediately.

Or sit back, don't panic and say so long:

Humorous Pictures
see more crazy cat pics


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