Friday Afternoon and the Mail!

I've been sick and miserable all weekend. Something in my throat. Has me drinking honey with tea. I've consumed maybe half a jar in the past thirty hours. The honey works, I feel a lot better after I get it in me. It's the waking up in the morning that's hell.

The guys that went to Jeddah for the weekend came back. One brought a battery for my motorcycle. Yaaaay! Now if I can just get the old battery out. Can't figure out where the final securing point is. Hopefully tomorrow in better light I can get it out. I really hope this gets the bike running again.

The mail had hard copies of the books for my class. I hate reading stuff online, so it's nice to have those in hand. Also two books on Islam and "Battlestar Galactica: Razor" which I'd forgotten I'd ordered. A new movie to watch. Whoo! I rewatched "Ghostrider" and "the Matrix" last night. "Ghostrider" is so bad it makes a great background movie for doing something else but have the set talk to you. "The Matrix" is "the Matrix". The first one is really entertaining for action and philosophy.

Had a good chat on Yahoo with a friend back in the States. She just got back from a vacation to Costa Rica. I'm thinking I'd like to do real vacation this year. Not just a trip to the States. Either Istanbul and seeing the ruins of Troy, or doing a safari in Ethiopia. We'll see. The annual Harley rally is in Italy this year. Going overland for that would be inspiring. It's in September, I'll have to see if a group from Riyadh is going.


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