Coffee & Chicken Sandwiches

I suppose it's time to start writing about Abu Dhabi. Well, to start writing something at any rate. It's Thursday morning here, the last day of the work week. I'm on break between classes having a coffee and chicken sandwiches for "tea'. The fog that surrounded the campus this morning as I came in is gone. The temperature is good. We're planning to do some driving tomorrow. Should be a good day for it. Need to make some playlists for the drive tonight. Where to begin with Abu Dhabi? I can't, really. We're living in a great condominium provided by the company. Well, picked out by us but paid for directly by the company, which makes a lot of things easier. Three bedrooms, with a nice rooftop balcony that I want to start using as the home gym as the weather gets to something tolerable. The house is in order, and last weekend I replaced the mirrors on the bike. I need to get out on the road and comfortable with how people drive here. After that, I should be able to start taking Ash out for rides. I'm hoping this weekend to find a spot that would be a good Friday morning ride. Go out with a packed lunch, relax, then come home. I haven't been writing here in years. Need to get back to writing things down. It may not be exciting, or deep, but should help me. Anyone reading, thanks for indulging me.


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