Almost Begun

The new semester has begun, at least for my online classes. I've been having problems with registration exacerbated by my internet connections - yes, I have two - becoming terrible at the same time. Fortunately, school has not started here yet as Ramadan is almost upon us and NOTHING gets done in Saudi Arabia during Ramadan.

The large amounts of nothing getting done are a worry at my school. We are down to four front line teachers, and one admin that can teach some classes in a pinch. We will have eight odd students this fall, which is down from 120 or students last term. We are supposed to be staffed with ten teachers, and supposedly have four "in the pipeline". Given the delays, I will be surprised if we see even two teachers in time for the term to start. Okay, I'll be surprised if we see them before October.

While 20+ students in an ESL class may be normal in a public school in the States, it's unusual here. We are supposed to have an upper limit of twelve - this limit is imposed by the military. It will interesting to see how the semester goes. And we still have time. Maybe some new people will turn up.


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