Getting Back to Work

It's the end of February and time to start getting back to work. Ash left for Pakistan for a short trip, that looked like it would become a long trip, and now thankfully is back to the short trip. She should be back next weekend.

It was good having her out here and living together, but we were both in a kind of holiday mode. While she was away we used the chance to talk about what we should be doing and how to stay on target for our goals. Not work related, but how we want to be living our lives. It was a good chat.

That helped me remember things I should be doing. Like writing. Tomorrow I resuming doing morning pages. Three pages a day long hand. I usually get up early and read the news. The news can wait. I'll write, then look at the news, then head out the door. I also need to get back on a regular exercise plan. That's been difficult, and was impossible for me with the schedule we had going after Ash got here.

Work has some good news. We are looking at our Moodle deployment and getting people fired up to use it and start making things. Once they are comfortable making things, we can look at how we will use it next term. I got so excited about making assets and learning objects that I bought Articulate, a tool for making flash objects and quizzes and such. Very cool stuff, now I need to make stuff!


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