January and I'm finally posting again. Many transitions the past few months. Biggest is that Ash graduated and is living here in Taif. Getting used to married life is, of course, an adventure. Since Ash can't work here, I get to come home to lunch ready for me and my charming wife either there to great me or in the kitchen. There's downsides as well - kitchen being rearranged, sharing the computer and so on. Oh, the travails!

I recently "rediscovered" the website They do micro loans. I had looked around at what they were about months ago, but finally went back and put some money down on hoping people out. One of the duties as a Muslim is to give charity. I've decided to do it through the medium of this organization. Mainly because they give me a neat GUI that makes it feel like a web toy and not just money going out of my bank account, ah, the wonders of the web never cease!


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