Really Pissed!

Well, pretty much pissed. Annoyed. Agitated. Snicked off. What else?

My Yahoo account was still vulnerable to the hacker that got into it before. The cretin sent various e-mails to Ash to harass her and I, and then logged in to my Flickr account and deleted all my pictures. Sadly, some of them were only on Flickr due to a failed hard disk some years ago.

On the up side, I get to make a new Yahoo identity and start uploading pictures again. I don't need to take a new picture for years!


I'm really sorry about your hacker! And all of those lost photos!

On the other hand...

OMG! Congratulations!

Now...details? Plenty of blogging material to be had out of "I'm getting married in October!"

Inquiring minds want to know: getting married over here or over there or both?

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